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"Dr. Alex is a very gentle, patient and caring practitioner, who takes time to get to know me as an individual. As a client I feel she really cares about my concerns and is explaining to me the treatment plan thoroughly. I believe Dr. Alex's wholistic approach works because it is identifying the root of a problem. I have consulted Dr. Alex for various health concerns, and have seen amazing results with just a few acupuncture treatments."

Sandra Hoeffer, R.N.

“Dr. Alex has always taken excellent care of me and is very professional in her acupuncture treatments. My impressions at my first visit were that I felt very safe and clean and cared for, and so I continued to see her for various ailments over the last few years. I had an old shoulder injury that has bothered me for ages and found complete relief from having only two or three treatments. Dr.Alex really cares about her patients and really listens to what you have to say. She has a lot of knowledge about diet, lifestyle, herbs, and other things that help to make you well. I also love the feeling of relaxation from acupuncture, both during the treatment and for weeks afterwards. I recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better. Thank you!”

Cheryl Whalen

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